How to: Get that layered look!

Autumn. One minute it’s 21 degrees and sunshine, then the next it’s 17 and raining.  The best way to combat this erratic weather? Layers!

As I’ve said before, the key to layering all lies in the basic pieces which you put underneath.  The final comfort and warmth factor ALWAYS comes down to the basics that you initially chose to layer with.  With all the options out there sometimes it can get quite confusing, however once you get the knack of it, it becomes surprisingly simple.  So today I thought I’d strip the models back (literally) and show you step by step how to successfully layer some Autumn outfits!  It’s like a making a cake really.

Here’s the recipe for building with layers for 2 different age groups – the 50 Woman and the 20 Woman

Look 1.

Step 1: They are your first, most basic yet perhaps most important layers.  Here we’ve used Philosophy leggings which are a fabulous and COMFORTABLE fit.  For women with that extra height I would recommend trying a Yarra Trail leggings as they are similar fit but with a longer leg. Alternatively if you really feel the cold or aren’t comfortable in a jersey legging that shows your silhouette completely (like a pantyhose) , you could try a Pink Ruby Ponte legging.  They provide more structure and warmth than a jersey  legging.  On the top we’ve used a Bellissima ¾ Sleeve Scoop Top in black.  Depending on your needs for your look, (e.g if you feel the cold, if you do/don’t want to layer a jacket over the top, the style of the tunic or dress you want to layer over the top, etc.) you could replace it with a long sleeve or skivvy.  As you’ll see in the next step Bronny’s tunic already has a roll neck, hence the choice of scoop neck.  This step is like the flour and eggs of the cake – in the end product you don’t see them individually, however without them it just doesn’t turn out the same.


Step 2: Add your flavour.  Ok you’ve got the initial basic layers down pat.  Now it’s time to add the feature piece.  Here we’ve used the Boo Radley Smile With Me tunic, click here to see our range of tunics.  As it is a sleeveless style we went with a ¾ sleeve basic top (step 1) to add some extra warmth and coverage.  However you could replace with a long sleeve if you prefer.  If you are going to wear a tunic, it must sit at least 2/3 down the thigh for leggings to work. For a shorter length tunic, switch to a slim leg pant to offer more structure. (Remember leggings do not replace pants!)


Step 3: Here we add extra warmth for those chilly mornings! We’ve used the Pingpong jacket, which when buttoned up doubles as a dress! But for the purpose of this look we are using it as a jacket.  The key with layering jackets over tunics is to get the shape and length right.    If going for a long jacket such as this it should sit even with the hemline of the tunic +/- 7cm.  If you wish to use a waisted jacket, ensure it is a tailored style to still give you shape and not lose your waist.  As this particular tunic has a lot of detail at the hem, we chose a long line jacket to elongate the body.   Any shorter and it would have cut her body in half, making the waist look wider.


Step 4: The grand finale! Add a little personality to the look – consider it the icing on the cake, the sprinkles on top.  We chose to add a belt, ankle boots and  bangles.  Note that the belt is over the tunic but underneath the jacket.  This draws the eye to the slimmest section of Bronny’s torso, her waist.  Another option –  long black boots and  long necklace which will visually elongate the body. 

Look 2


Step 1: And we’re back to the flour and eggs again.  This time we’ve gone for a long sleeve scoop neck to provide some extra warmth, as well as some Betty Basics leggingsBetty Basics is designed with the younger demographic in mind, they have a lower rise and are a smaller fit, however they can still be worn by any age.  It just comes down to personal preference.


Step 2: Don’t you hate it when your bottom layers move around and roll up?! Here’s a simple and easy tip to combat the problem – tuck your initial layer (the long sleeve scoop) into your leggings and then add the skirt over the top.  The double layers will hold it firmly in place – and provide extra warmth


Step 3: Here we’ve chosen to add a pop of colour.  The rust colour of Jazz’s top  co-ordinates nicely with the patterned skirt, and is a great change up from basic  black .  The shaped hemline of the top prevents it from cutting the sihouette in half and flatters a wider thigh. Another option is to add a plain black oversized top and let the colourful skirt do the talking.

Step 4:  It’s time to ice the cake! This time we’ve opted for long black boots and a long charm necklace.  The black leather strands doubled over add some depth to the colour palette and elongates the body.  As the top has quite a high neckline a short delicate necklace just wouldn’t work here.  If you were wearing dark layers you could add a burst of colour with a scarf.  Remember this step is all about you adding your own personality and touch to the outfit.


And there you have it!  Two very different layered looks, modelled by two gorgeous women of different age groups, yet both suitable for the unpredictable autumn weather!

Which is your favourite look?

Happy layering,

Tess & Bronny.

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